August 30, 2010

Using Elephonics to Upgrade to an iPhone 4

BabyBinks is excited to announce the first major update of Elephonics. Based on user feedback, we fixed a couple of bugs and cleaned up some of the audio. We also introduced a new feature: the stampede. Every minute, a stampede of elephants will run across the screen and jumble the letters. You'll need to fix them to move on to the next level. You can also start the stampede by shaking your device.

In addition, all of the images have been updated to take advantage of the new higher resolution displays in the iPhone 4. If you don't have an iPhone 4 you'll just have to squint your eyes or ask a friend to hold it between 5-10 feet away from your face. If you really want an iPhone 4, but you significant other doesn't understand why you need to get rid of your perfectly functioning iPhone 3G and could care less that, since you upgraded to iOS 4, it takes 4 minutes to check your Twitter status, then follow these simple instructions:
  1. Download Elephonics telling your significant other that its a great app to teach your children to read
  2. Give you kid a bag of potato chips. None of that expensive, baked stuff from the organic aisle. The greasier the better (and usually better tasting).
  3. Show your kid how to active the new "Stampede" feature in Elephonics by shaking the iPhone.
  4. Backup your iPhone and hand it over to your kid.
  5. Go into the next room to talk with your significant other about going out of town this weekend to visit her parents.
  6. Listen for the crash...and act surprised.

In the best case scenario, you're off to the Apple Store. In the worst case scenario, you're off to the Apple store on your way out of town to visit your in-laws. Either way, you've got an iPhone 4 to play with on the car ride.

For more compelling reasons to get Elephonics, watch the new commercial.