May 16, 2010

An Everything Day

Today our family managed to do just about every activity, both good and bad, that you experience as a parent.  We had a crack of dawn wake-up from Oscar, cooked 2 breakfasts, set up a tent in the family room, went to church, planted our garden, painted the clubhouse, did a family polar bear club, bbq at the neighbors, drank a bottle of wine, told 2 stories (with shadow puppets), cleaned the house and even had a middle of the night accident (the brown kind).  Technically, the accident happened early Monday morning, but we'll just round it down to Sunday for fun's sake.

Even for our ever increasingly unmanageable schedule, that was a busy day.  Wait...polar bear club?  Yes, polar bear club.

In an effort to offer everything our city had its 1st annual Pre-season Plunge at the Beach.  The Beach is an old quarry that was converted to a beach (sand and all).  It's deep and cold.  As parents, we've been looking to start some new family traditions and this seemed to be a good (and weird) place to start.  So, we packed everyone into the car and headed to beach.

Not surprisingly, the cold water didn't phase the kids...any kids really.  Once they initial shock wore off, people were splashing in the water and playing in the sand just like any normal summer day.  The only give away was the blue lips.