September 21, 2009

Dad, Are You Under the Sea?

Disney's the Little Mermaid has made it back in the rotation.  Of all the princess movies that I am forced to endure, this one is my favorite.  After all, I remember watching it the movie theatres when I was young.  In college, staying home to watch the Little Mermaid was a classic third date.  There is just something about unspoken love, seashell bikinis and humongous merman nipples that seemed to really strike a chord with young adults.  That and the huge phallic on the front cover.

Seeming as I had seen this movie many times before kids, I can pretty much hum my way through all the songs and even chime in with a chorus or two.  Unfortunately for Ava, I never seemed to quite fit the bill.

(Dad humming along to "Part of Your World")
Ava: Dad, are you a girl?
Dad: No.
Ava: Only girls can sing this song.
Dad: Oh, sorry.
(Dad singing along to "Kiss the Girl")
Ava: Dad, are you a bird?
Dad: No.
Ava: Well stop singing. Only birds can sing.
Dad: Oh, sorry.
(Dad singing "Under the Sea")
Ava: Dad, are you under the sea?
Dad: No.
Ava: Well, only people under the sea can sing about under the sea.
(Dad slightly dejected)
Dad: Ok. How about I just drive and you watch the movie.
Ava: Yeah, only Dads can drive, while little girls watch movies.