October 17, 2008

Dreams Really Do Come True

If all of your life goals are accomplished at the age of 3, what else is there to look forward to? This is one of the difficult questions that Ava will have to face, as we headed up to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. This is our second trip here with the girls and while the first was a more spontaneous and lackadaisical journey through the park, this time we were focused like a lazer beam. Our one goal was to meet Ava's favorite princesses: Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella. Our secondary goals was to stay away from Maleficent and the evil step mother and sisters.

An immediate bee-line to Toon Town Disney found us outside the pavilion with hundreds of girls dawning dresses to show their allegiance to their favorite princess. Ava doesn't like to play favorites, so we brought a change of princess dresses (and matching shoes of course). The ingenious of Disney continues to amaze me as the line to meet the princesses winds you back and forth through a gift shop. 2 hours and $35.00 in souvenirs later, Ava was in heaven.

I would have to say that I don't think a single attraction at the park brings as much joy to the children as meeting the princesses. They each had their own station and would visit and talk to the girls for as long as they wanted. Ava monopolized about 20 minutes of their time, warning them about poisonous apples and spinning wheels. Belle greeted Ava with a big hug as Ava was initially wearing her Belle dress. After a quick dress and hairstyle change, she moved on the Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Finally, Cinderella came to greet her and Ava was sad that we didn't have her Cinderella dress.

Children often telegraph their brilliant ideas through an excited furry, where you know that something amazing is going to happen. I saw it overcome Ava as she ripped off her dress to greet Cinderella in nothing less than her underwear. Her Cinderella underwear! Cinderella smiled and discussed step sisters, singing mice and the importance of tying your shoes (lest they fall off), while Ava listened intently in her underwear.

While we only stayed for a day, I think don't think we missed a thing.

Oh, and Mae Mae took her first steps..outside of Cinderella's castle.