August 30, 2008

If You Win Dolphin at a Carnival

If you go to a carnival and pick the correct duck...You can win a dolphin.

After a long day at the carnival, he'll probably be all dirty, so you'll want to give him a bath. You're dirty too, so you'll probably want to take a bath with him.

Once he's all clean, he will want to put on some clothes. Since he doesn't have any of his own, he'll have to borrow some of yours.

Once he is dressed, he'll probably want a snack before bed. Everyone knows that dolphins like marshmallow cereal. You like marshmallow cereal too, so you'll probably want to have a bowl.

Since your dolphin was such a good listener all day long, he can watch one Dora episode before bedtime. You were a good listener too, so you can watch with him.

After a long day, he'll probably be tired and want to go to bed. Dolphins like someone to rock them to sleep, so you'll want to go to sleep to.