November 9, 2008

What Comes After 25?

Ava and I were doing "talking" on the way home from school. Talking consists of reviewing what we each did during the day (i.e. what we ate, who we played with, what colors we painted, etc.). After "talking" we do "counting", and if it all goes well than we can watch a movie. Ava has been counting to 20 for the past couple of days, so I suggested that we try and go to 25 today.

  • Ava: 20
  • Dad: Now repeat after me...21
  • Ava: 21
  • Dad: 22
  • Ava: 22
  • Dad: What comes after 22?
  • Ava: 23
  • Dad: What comes after 24?
  • Ava: 24
  • Dad: What comes after 25?
  • Ava: Cinderella