June 18, 2008

Because, Why?

Somethings happen everyday that are so commonplace, yet leave you completely dumbfounded when trying to explain it to a 2-year old. Ava got her first bloody nose and was just not satisfied with anyway I tried to explain it.

Ava: What happened?
Me: It's a bloody nose.
Ava: Why?
Me: Because you hurt it.
Ava: It doesn't hurt.
Me: No, but you did hurt it.
(points blood)
Ava: What this?
Me: It's blood.
Ava: Can I eat it?
Me: No
Ava: Why not?
Me: Because its not good for you.
Ava: Why not?
Me: Because...Because...its not good for you.
Ava: Why are you putting that in your nose?
(points to tissue)
Me: To stop the bleeding?
Ava: Can I eat it?
Me: No.
Ava: I need one for my other nose.
(points to other nostril)
Me: Ok.
Ava: You want one in your nose, like Ava?
Me: Ok.