May 12, 2006 Special Mother's Day Edition

As mother's day approaches, I felt it only appropriate to honor Margret in the most endearing means possible in the 21st century...updating the website. Enjoy the special "Mother's Day Edition" pictures of Ava and Margret through the years...I guess it's really only been months. You can see why I consider myself to be the second luckiest person in the one is luckier than Ryan Seacrest...seriously, he makes $2million dollars to read a notecard 12 days out of the year.

Why is there a picture of Ava and I featured in the Mother's day blog entry? Because Margret took the picture and that's the a mother's most important job of all...doing all the things no one else wants to while daddy gets to have all the fun.

Mark you calendar's now for the upcoming 2 month Father's Day tribute beginning Monday.